Happily Ever After: 4 Novellas (Companion to the Blossom in Winter Ser – Melanie Martins
Happily Ever After: 4 Novellas (Companion to the Blossom in Winter Series) - Melanie Martins

Happily Ever After: 4 Novellas (Companion to the Blossom in Winter Series)

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All the paperbacks are signed copies.

You know their story but what about their happily ever after?

With this bundle get the whole Happily Ever After series which includes 4 novellas that follow Petra & Alex as they face parenthood, in-laws, scandals, the ups and downs of marriage, and so much more.


Nearly six months have passed since the miraculous birth of the twins, and yet, the ever-present conflict Petra faces between staying at home with them and attending school and trying to maintain her social life has been wearing her down.

Deciding to share her inner guilt, Petra meets Emma for an outing, but what was to be a simple afternoon between besties becomes a life-changing one as she finds the missing piece in her life.


Petra and Alex are heading to Aspen to celebrate their first Christmas as a family of four, but unfortunately, his mother is coming along!

And even worse, Margaret is now determined to find leverage on Petra to regain the upper hand.

What should have been a joyful family gathering in Colorado’s most glamorous ski town, is quickly becoming something much more sinister…


After Margaret threatens her, Petra has no choice but to go to St. Moritz in the hopes of convincing Emma to terminate her affair with Yara once and for all.

But Yara has her claws deep into Emma and breaking them apart reveals to be much more difficult than Petra anticipated.

The only way out seems to be for her to find someone else for Emma to fall in love with, but it had to be someone perfect.

Someone just as successful and captivating as Yara.

But who?


Back in Manhattan and reunited with her family, Petra soon realizes that her married life isn’t going to be as peaceful as she’d expected.

Having your best friend hanging out with a world-famous artist has its perks, but there are also some dangerous downsides––especially when you’re the mother to newborn twins.

Even worse, as she tries to navigate through it all, another member of the Van Dieren’s clan is now trying to reconnect at any cost in order to ask her a very peculiar favor.

Regardless of her current grudge against them, is Petra really ready to go right back into the lion’s pit?