Blossom in Winter - Paperback - Melanie Martins

Blossom in Winter - Paperback

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Immerse yourself in this utterly addictive forbidden love story that has captivated thousands of readers around the world.

"We are not meant to be together. I should've known better. And yet..."

Petra, a seventeen-year-old Dutch-American and the only heir of finance tycoon Roy Van Gatt, has always had her life rigorously planned and supervised by her strict father. From her internship at his hedge fund firm on Wall Street to her degree in Economics at Columbia University, Petra is all set for a bright future in finance.

But everything falls apart when she develops a dangerous relationship with her father’s business partner and utmost confidant, Alexander Van Dieren. A Dutch nobleman, known as an unrepentant heartbreaker, twenty-three years her senior, and who is, above all else, her beloved godfather.

A twisted obsession for some, unconditional love for others, but one thing is sure: it’s a relationship that might cost them everything...

Warning: This novel contains strong and explicit language and other sensitive content that may be disturbing for some readers.

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